One more advantage in addition to the light-weight MERO structure is the easy way of customizability and modifiability.

For example:  A customer changes some of aircraft types of his fleet. The existing structure, flaps,
sliding panels and other elements – which were designed for other Aircraft types - can be easily adapted to the new circumstances.



Mod bild1
  • Tail Dock for Boeing B737-300 / -400
  • Year of manufacture:  2001



Mod bild2


  • Nose- / Wing Docks for Airbus A310
  • Year of manufacture:  1997

Mod bild3 b



Mod bild4 a

  • Above mentioned Dock modules modified for Airbus A320
  • Year of modification:  2009/2010

Mod bild5 a


Subsequent modifications

Mod bild6
  • Additional fall protection and visual cover 
  • Year of modification: 2010

Mod bild7


Mod bild8

            • Additional illumination of the existing Docking System
            • Year of modification:  2007


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