Construction Systems

  • Location: Ankara, Turkey
  • Architects:Erkut Sahinbas, Ankara
  • Completion: 2000
  • Scope of Work:Steel structure KK system with membrane cladding and glass shingles
  • Cladding:approx. 4,500 m² membrane cladding

Membrane structure covering the amphitheatre of Bilkent University in Ankara. A cable net structure clad with glass shingles stretches between the main girder and the building to protect the stage area from the elements. This glazed cable net facade of 275 m² is a part of the structural system. 

B 1
Bilkent 3kl Bilkent 9
Bilkent 7 Bilkent 2
Bilkent 5 Bilkent 1
B 2 Bild3 Bilkent 6
B 3

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